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Drinking, Cleaning and A Honey Do Assignment

So majestic.

So majestic, so free.

Hey gang, Ethan here. I was totally planning on posting something substantial today, but my usual routine of cleaning and beers and put me into a less than motivated state.  The flat looks dope as absolute hell, so that’s a a good thing as my lovely wife will be most impressed with me when she gets home. Impressed with the state of our home that is, as my physical state is less than impressive. It’s cool, love is blind and based on my situation, has really low standards as well.

This does not mean that I was completely lax on my “honey-do” list as a good husband understands how to have a good time, but also be a super serious business professional as well. Think of me as a mullet, though not as dirty.

One of the assignments she asked me to complete was to find a picture of me for her desk at work. Because I exist in a different realm of reality than she, I’m not sure whether the picture I created (posted above) is work appropriate.  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks friends!

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