Bill and Ethan eating Fig Newtons

Bill and Ethan eating Fig Newtons

Back in the early days of humanity, man was tasked with providing for his wife and his family. These men didn’t have to worry about marketability since the only skills they needed were hunting and/or gathering. The men that lacked such proficiency tended to starve to death, thus preventing a potential wife from having to bear the burden of a mate with a ton of useless skills.

With a cornucopia of scientific advances at their back, humanity has become the most powerful species on the planet. Men who would have never survived puberty are now thriving and for some odd reason or another, they’ve been able to successfully locate mates. Despite their utter lack of marketability, these men have something in their possession that drives a small percentage of the population mad with lust, the type that ends in marriage and other long term relationships. This blog will delve deep into this subject to discover why.

The Alpha/ Beta Rating System

The writers at Model Husband know that not everything they produce will be universally appreciated  as we are all cut from a variety of extra special cloth.  Seeing as we want to please everyone (seriously, we have issues with insecurity) we’ve introduced the Alpha/Beta Rating System. The Alpha/Beta Rating System is a means for you to have some what of an idea of the sort of content you’ll be reading.





These articles deal with manliness in its purest form, the kind that lumberjacks and fighter pilots are raised on. No punches pulled, no political correctness considered. If you’re easily offended or get nauseated around elevated levels of testosterone, you may want to avoid these or at least read them a bit more cautiously.





These articles deal with a new age approach to manhood, where gender roles and non-violent conflict resolution reign supreme. If you have a softer soul or don’t exactly fit action movie stereotypes, these articles are for you.

The Model Husband Team

Together, the Model Husband team offers distinct views on life as men, as committed partners and as positive role models for anyone that can look past their poor behavior.



Ethan Moses-Ethan is a certified “Beta Male” who spends his days keeping busy as a stay at home husband. He has aspirations of making his way into the entertainment field, but seeing as he’s not very entertaining he’ll probably have to start babysitting again. He currently acts as an administrator for this site and also writes for a video game editorial site called Horrible Night.



Bill Brumbach-Bill is the more desirable of the two writers on Model Husband as he is both employed and physically fit. Bill is a practicing stand up comedian and you can read his blog over at Comic Bill Brumbach.


Coming as soon as you ask us or we make stuff up!

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