Of Spouses and Robots: Some Helpful Advice


It’s Monday and after a long, rainy weekend in Berlin, the sun is finally shining bright! It’s one of those days that makes you want to conjure up as much good energy as possible and do something to change the world. Being that I have quite a bit of free time today, I decided to do just that. Well I planned to do just that, but then I discovered this website that allowed me to design my own Jaeger (mech), just like the ones featured in the soon to be released Pacific Rim!

I seriously couldn’t be any more excited for this movie and have struggled to do much else today besides make robot noises and pretend that my cats are Kaiju (the cats are pretty pissed about this, but they’re taking it in stride).

Anyway, in the movie two people have to bridge their minds together in order to control the giant mechs as the neurological stress put on one individual is way too much to handle. To successfully protect the Earth from enormous, inter-dimensional monsters, the mech pilots have to forge a very strong bond, not unlike the bond vikings forged back in the day.  Even though these pilots may not always get along or agree with their partner, the world is a much better place when they’re together. This is not unlike marriage.

So remember, the next time you and your partner are arguing over pettiness and think you’ve had enough of each other, think about how that might affect your ability to successfully operate a 300 foot mech during the course of an apocalyptic monster attack. Thanks, and have a great day!

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