Uncommon Common Sense: Walking Through Doors


There was once a point in history when navigating buildings was made all but impossible by a lack of accessible openings. Frustrated with domiciles that lacked an entry point, a wise and noble inventor decided to knock a big hole into the side of his building, thus creating a means of entering and exiting without obstruction. Unfortunately, this opening was an equal opportunity entrance, allowing animals, the weather and even local ruffians to easily make their way inside.

This same inventor, eager to perfect this opening, devised a way for an occupant to enter a location without allowing unwanted visitors. This enhancement was referred to as a door and for thousands of years, it provided people with the most efficient and effective means of entering or exciting a building.

Fast forward to the early twenty-first century and the ancient purpose for the door appears to have been perverted by today’s society. The simple solution the door provided has been complicated by those confused by its operation, resulting in doorways serving purposes outside the the intent of their creator. While most have continued entering and exiting (though considerably slower than in the past), many have come to see it not merely as an opening, but as a place to linger. Whether they’re talking to on a phone, checking their pockets or contemplating their existence, these individuals pay no heed to the frustration caused by their unwillingness to correctly operate the seemingly foolproof mechanism.

Should you suspect someone of misusing doors as mentioned in this short article, bring it to their attention as soon as possible. If you yourself are the culprit, please consider the long term effects your dawdling may cause. If this problem persists, people may begin taking up residency in doorways, bringing humanity’s progress to a stand still.

4 thoughts on “Uncommon Common Sense: Walking Through Doors

  1. It’s the absolute truth about those lingering in front of doors. It parallels the double parking of cars, and it falls in line with those talking on their phones while at the checkout counter The phrase “You make a better door than a window” also loses it’s meaning a tad bit.

    To emphasize this societal regression further:

    Gary Larson’s comic strip, The Far Side: one cartoon depicts a kid trying to enter his school for the gifted. He’s clearly pushing on a door that reads “pull.”.

  2. I don’t know about Germany but in Italy the doors at business and shops open in instead of out as we got accustomed to in the US. Get’s me every time.

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