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Updates, Changes, Love and Sharing is Caring

It’s been about 6 months since we launched Model Husband and we’ve been very happy with the support from our slowly growing community. We wouldn’t write if it wasn’t for you all as then it’d just be like keeping a diary and we grew out of that stage during our teen years.

We’ve been doing quite a bit behind the scenes (as you may have noticed) but our consistency should increase here soon as the site is finally looking the way we want it to look. That being said, both Bill and I tend to drink a lot so there’s no guarantee that recovery weeks won’t happen in the future.

Outside of the new logo, I’ve decided to add a rating system of sorts to our articles as a means of helping you decide what content you want to read and what you don’t. It’s pretty obvious that we have a very diverse readership and catering to one will most certainly alienate the other. So instead of being overly sensitive about the content we release, we’ll instead give you a heads up in the form of a simple photo box that will give you some indication of what you might be getting into. This should also help you when determining whether or not the article we’ve posted is something you can share without getting your grandparents upset (we love our grandparents and want to make sure their tender hearts are taken into consideration).


Essentially, Alpha Rated Articles will be centered around manliness in its purest form, may be a bit more “blue” and will touch on a “no-holds barred” and direct approach to writing (though they don’t have to fit all of those descriptors to be Alpha rated). While these articles should always be taken in jest, they may cross the line in reference to good taste.  You’ve been warned.


Beta Rated articles will deal more with a new age idea of manhood and will feature subjects that are a bit lighter. That is not to say that they won’t be offensive to someone but that’s certainly not the goal.

Neither Bill nor I will be restricted to one type of article, but this just gives everyone that head’s up they deserve and allows us to write a bit more freely.

Finally, we absolutely love when you share out stuff with your social circles as it allows us to touch the hearts of people whose hearts aren’t that easy to touch. Seriously, share away and we’ll love you (in a platonic way of course) forever. Conversely, if you don’t like something we’ve written, share it with your friends and tell them how stupid we are. Attention is attention and we’ll take it anyway we can get it.

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