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MH News: Manly Recipe Follow Up


As some of you may know, I entered our first recipe from the Manly Recipes series into a recipe contest sponsored by Sun King Brewery in Indianapolis. I did so on a whim, in a “why the hell not?” kind of way. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, right?

The results were surprising to say the least. To my surprise (and I think everyone reading this), the recipe was selected as a top 5 entry.

So what does this mean?

Well, a couple things, really.

First, it means the people at Sun King can appreciate a simple, yet delightful recipe when they see it. When your recipe essentially calls for three main ingredients (chicken, seasoning, and beer), I wouldn’t think it would rank up there with Chicken A La King or some other fancy dish you may find at a restaurant Gordon Ramsey runs.

Second, it could also mean that the people at Sun King appreciate good comedy. I’d like to think that I can take something as trivial as a recipe (or even instructions on how to be a good husband) and write it in such a way that it is not only entertaining to read, but humorous as well. But that’s the perception I have for myself. Very rarely do I get validation of that perception outside of my family and circle of friends.

I normally just assume that when strangers laugh at me, they are doing just that; laughing at me and not with me. I’ll take any positive reinforcement I can get to continue to pursue comedy, although I think my wife would prefer that people stop encouraging me… it severely takes away from my “free time” to woo her with affection and back rubs.

Third, it means that I have a chance to prove that I can do something better than a lot of people; write, not grill. I’m not too keen on my culinary skills, but at least my ability to write got the attention of the judges. I’m just hoping that I don’t royally screw up and end up giving all the judges (and myself) salmonella poisoning or something worse. Nothing spells DISQUALIFICATION like undercooked chicken just like nothing says WE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE like a trip to the Emergency Room.

I keed. I keed.

I don’t really spend a lot of time cooking, but I do spend a lot of time grilling and brewing my own beer (which is a kin to cooking). I feel these are manly trades (grilling/brewing), so I should be well versed in them* and able to not cause a fatality in the process. Although, I did almost cause our house to burn down when I was in charge of grilling several dozen hamburger patties at our daughter’s first birthday party. In fact, I lost an eyebrow. So I wouldn’t say that a fatality is out of the range of possibilities, either.

All that being said, I’m not only incredibly excited for this opportunity (the Grand Prize receives a $100 gift card to Sun King Brewery and a Sun King prize pack… DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH BEER THAT WILL BUY?????**), I’m excited for what this opportunity could mean for Model Husband. And I’m also excited for the free beer… and the beer I’ll be able to buy with the prize pack that everyone receives (even 5th place gets some sweet swag). But mostly the beer.

That’s right, Ethan. I’m most excited about the free beer. WHATCHA GONNA DO ABOUT IT???

\Receives pink slip in the mail, postmarked from Germany.

\\Is fired from a website he’s been volunteering for.

\\\Cries uncontrollably and becomes an alcoholic.

\\\\Get’s back into fighting shape with an awesome 80’s montage.

I’m hoping I can end up being the Iron Chef of Pounding Vag Beer Can Chicken. If I am successful and win the contest, it could give this website some additional exposure and even provide some needed credibility to our Manly Recipe series. Nothing says “We’re For Real, Yo'” quite like having a recipe that won an award***. Amiright?

So here’s my checklist for the competition:

  1. Don’t kill anyone.
  2. Have fun grilling and drinking FREE BEER.
  3. Make sure the chicken is cooked through to the correct temperature.
  4. Don’t kill anyone.
  5. Drink some more beer.
  6. Get drunk.

Wish us luck! And if you have a minute, vote for what you think the outcome will be in the poll below.


* The author is not discrediting women from the ability to either brew or grill.

** Despite what his writing may suggest, the author is not an alcoholic. He just really loves Sun King beer.

*** Namely, an award that we didn’t make up or somehow rig the contest to our advantage.

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