Don’t Worry, I’m A Crazy Cat Lady Too


This will be a quick post, but I just wanted to send a message to the women out there getting  accused of being crazy cat ladies. Today, I had an in-depth conversation with my cats about ways they could prevent the tracking of litter throughout the house. This conversation went on for an inappropriately long time despite me knowing that their continued dissonance would be the only outcome. This is but a small example of the ways in which I too have slipped into the downward spiral of crazy cat lady-ness (or I guess crazy cat manhood in this situation).

The thing is, there is a huge difference between what Hollywood has portrayed as a crazy cat person and what the reality of the situation is. Sure, we enjoy the company of the most independent, rude and diva-esque pet one can own but that doesn’t mean we too share those qualities. If anything, we’re better people for putting up with a cat’s antics. Anyone can love a dog but welcoming a cat into your family is comparable to assisting in the refinement of a trouble teenager (specifically one that’s into the goth lifestyle or enjoys bath salts).

Anyway, as long as you aren’t neglecting your hygiene routines, referring to them as your little furry children or entering into domestic partnerships with them, there’s nothing wrong with having an exceptionally strong affinity for the feline species. So wear your crazy like a badge of honor my friends. We may slowly be getting poisoned by our pet’s saliva, but no one said friendship was easy.

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