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Do Unto Others Motherf*****s

The fine folks over at Can Opener Studio posted a video yesterday about working in customer service and how much it can suck. This is a video that everyone should see not just because they can relate but because at some point in their life, they may be the individual giving some poor employee hell for something quite insignificant.  Because readers of Model Husband are courteous and very self aware, I can’t imagine any of you acting in this way. That being said, I can’t account for the billions of people not reading the site.

Because of this, I propose we adopt a similar strategy to the folks handing out the anti bad parking cards and began handing the following cards out to the people we feel are being excessively rude to waiters, salesman or  other customer service related employees for silly or insignificant reasons:


Feel free to spice up the design as much as you’d like as it’s simple nature is out of respect for you and your printer ink (though a dash of crayon or water color may give it the impact it needs to truly touch someone’s heart). So print them off, hand them* out and prepare to do your part in making the world a better place.

*It’s worth noting that in my mind, being given a gigantic card would get my full attention, but at the current size it may be tough to put many of these in your pocket. If you don’t happen to have a trapper keeper or briefcase handy, feel free to shrink the cards down as well.

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