Ylvis Gets Me

Note to Norwegians: I realize that Ylvis is standard fare to you by now, so when I describe their impact as being sudden or new, I’m referring to people that exist outside of the reaches of the Nordic countries. On a side note, stop hiding awesome things from us, we’re slowly catching on to the fact that you guys probably have the answers to all the world’s problems and we’re going to need help in a few years. Thanks in advance!

By now most of you have seen the music video for “The Fox”  by Norwegian pop comedy duo Ylvis and if you haven’t enjoyed it, stop reading now because I’m about to gush about these guys.

I get attracted to viral videos as much as the next person, but for the most part I feel dirty afterwards. While there once was a time when viral videos were usually the result of happy accidents, the modern day pursuit of viral status has lessened the authenticity of these works despite the craftsmanship being far greater than it once was.  Additionally, most of the people responsible for viral videos are not unlike the one hit wonders of the pop music scene, unable to match their initial success because of an inability to escape the grip of their one big song.  Also, most of them only had a single idea to begin with.

The thing about Ylvis is that in addition to their absolutely hilarious and extremely catchy stab at the pop scene, they also have a bevy of just other well produced and entertaining music videos. L.V. Anderson and Forrest Wickman of Slate have already written an article highlighting Ylvis’ other sensational work so I won’t rehash that particular article and play dumb (I have ethics, which is why I’ll never be successful in this field). That being said, I do want to reccomend what I believe is a song that represents how I think on a regular basis and that’s the song “Stonehenge”.

I can’t tell whether this is a problem that either of the brothers actually have, but I tend to get called out on my mystery themed day dreaming all the time. While my mind tends to drift towards the cryptozoological side of things (Bigfoot, Chupacabra and the Loch Ness Monster), my thought process is still constantly clouded none the less.  The line between appropriate and inappropriate conversation is often blurred as a result and when beer is introduced to the situation, the flood gates open and it’s nearly impossible to close them back up.

I have learned some interesting things, however. First, my wife’s company does not make Terminator style robots and the most dangerous mythological creature in Germany is actually not a creature at all but a mountain full of wizards (I’m assuming they’re evil wizards as a mountain full of friendly, helpful wizards would be something to celebrate).  I can’t stand by the validity of either fact however, but learning isn’t always about truth as evidenced by the educational system in the Bible Belt region of the United States.

Anyway, in a world where pop music is aimed at a demographic that enjoys things like bath salts and polyamorous relationships, it’s nice to feel like you have a voice.  Thanks Ylvis, you get me.


Ylvis Official Page



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