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Hey Ladies, Your Feminism Forced This Guy From the Country

I’ve subscribed to quite a few YouTube channels as of late and it always tickles me when a new channel is recommended to me. Some of these are quite interesting and have allowed me to look at a variety of different subjects from a variety of different perspectives. One such video is from a guy that runs a channel called WisdomThroughLogic. I happen to love wisdom and believe logic is a great foundation for aforementioned wisdom.  Even though what this particular video contains isn’t wisdom as much as opinion based on anecdotal evidence, it was very informative none the less. In short, Feminism has turned women into insatiable money hungry whores who are willing to sacrifice love as soon as a better mate shows up.  To say this video shook me to the core is an understatement; I’m scared to death.

When this particular man was 23 or so, he had a girlfriend.  He was very upfront about his expectations of his girlfriend and while he didn’t go into detail in the video, these expectations appeared to have something to  do with morals, values and ethics (he was from a highly religious family). Anyway, things were going quite well with this girl, to the point that he’d met her parents and she’d met his. However, without warning she decided to cheat on him, which is a crappy thing to do but not uncommon with young people. Unfortunately, this particular girl represented every single woman in the United States of America.

After reading a “ton of books”, he discovered the culprit was not his girlfriend’s personal lack of maturity or his own misconceptions about just how serious the relationship was, but rather the Feminism that young women have been taught in high school. This caught my attention because as far as I knew, Feminism was all about gender equality and that seems like a pretty good thing to me. Boy was I wrong.

Apparently, Feminism is more or less a means for women to marry nice guys and steal all their money. Well, that’s just one of the outcomes but essentially all Feminists care about is ditching significant others for better “upgrades”.  Even though some men have been doing this very thing for quite some time,  according to him every single woman in our country is wired this way and as a result, he doesn’t feel that there’s any real benefit for men to get married.

Being the victim of the oppressive force that is Feminism, he was forced to flee to the Philippines (after a stint living with his parents). Because of Feminism, this really nice, really honest, really giving man was forced to leave his home for the very same reasons the Pilgrims came to America. If they could see what our country has become, they’d cry themselves to sleep (or while playing their heavenly harps).

A discovery that would take most people multiple relationships throughout a lifetime to come to, this man came to after one. Thank God for YouTube as the rest of the men in the cesspool that is the United States would never know just how horrible women have become thanks to Feminism. The video currently has 70,000 plus views and I truly believe that 70,000 nice guys will be able to avoid American women and as a result, a lifetime of disappointment and hardship.

Shame on you feminists. Some of us were actually supportive of your cause, not knowing that what you really wanted was an excuse to destroy nice guys and their tender, nice guy hearts.  When my wife gets home tonight, I’m going to sit her down and make sure that the poison you call Feminism hasn’t corrupted her soul. I’ll do this, however after making dinner and cleaning the kitchen as she’s been working really hard all day at her job working for a large corporation, a job that has allowed us to move to a new country and experience things I could have never dreamed of.That being said,  I’ll be damned if I let Feminism ruin it for me.


Wisdom Through Logic

8 thoughts on “Hey Ladies, Your Feminism Forced This Guy From the Country

  1. That is the most pretentious title for anything I’ve ever heard. “Wisdom through Logic” – what an unrepentant douche-cradle.

    • Haha, unrepentant douche-cradle is the greatest thing I’ve heard this month. I actually don’t think he’s a bad guy, he just let his emotions fuel a rant. Thanks for coming by, I’m sure I’ll have more YouTube gems during slow days.

  2. I hate to say this, but I agree with this guy on many levels. However, having my ex-husband leave me, the stay-at-home-mom of his three children with no career, for the cute blonde pharmaceutical sales rep in the city, I don’t think doucebaggery is gender specific. Wait…did he just say women lose their looks at around age thirty? I’m going to chalk that up as a little left over pain from the break up and not an indicator that he’s a chauvinistic idiot.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your d-bag husband leaving you for the pharm rep in the city. That’s extremely shitty.

      And as for women losing their looks at age thirty, that’s not close to being scientifically proven. In fact, I think that women are a lot like wine; they get better with age. I’ve seen lots of ladies in their late 30’s and 40’s that are incredibly attractive.

  3. To be quite honest, he’s not all wrong. I do find feminism a problem, and I speak as a woman (well, almost). From what I’ve seen of feminism, it really isn’t about gender equality. Maybe it used to, but it’s not today. It’s silly to think that the genders can be “equal” anyway. We’re different, and that’s okay.

  4. I think that gender inequality comes from the fact that men haven’t had there “masculinist” revolution for their rights. It’s ridiculous that women should “automatically” get custody in divorces and be able to use a divorce to steal all of a man’s money, not just the amount that she deserves. Messy divorces ruin lives, and the only people who are winning are the lawyers!
    It’s seen as “sissy” for a man to stay home and be a caregiver to children, but that is personally my dream with my partner. He’s a much better cook than me anyway 🙂
    We both try to be independent of each other by taking trips without each other:

    • I personally believe that like the current political environment in the US, both sides of the gender argument tend to use extreme examples to illustrate their points. This tends to be quite entertaining to watch 😉

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