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Good Things For Happiness Part 1: Space Travel, Babybel Cheese and Actual Babies


I was very close to deleting my Facebook profile last week. I didn’t announce I was going to do it, nor did I ask others why I should stay on; I’m not an attention whore or pity seeker. The fact of the matter was, it was all getting too negative for me and I began to despise people that I’d never had problems with in the past. I was allowing digital attitudes to affect my real life demeanor and I assumed that the only way out was to disconnect from the source of my problems entirely.

The fact of the matter was, the good things that Facebook brought to my life far outweighed the bad. I chose to focus on the bad because for some reason humans love to be angry. Well I’m tired of being human. Scratch that, I still enjoy being human (though being a dinosaur would be better) but I am over the scrutiny, cynicism and all around lack of cheer that I’ve noticed throughout my many information and interaction feeds. Instead of vanishing off the face of social networking like some sort of asocial Sasquatch (skunk ape for those in the Southeastern United States, Yeti for Nepal) I decided to become the change that I desire and thus Good Things For Happiness was born.

Before you start, watch this (safe for work) compliment of YTMND (thanks for sharing Justin Lacey, EIC of Horrible Night)

We’re In Space!

I’d like to start off this episode of Good Things For Happiness with something that I barely understand, but think is awesome nonetheless. For those of you not in the know, human beings have literally left the surface of the Earth and are currently exploring space. That sort of thing takes quite a lot of ingenuity and more heart than even the bravest lion could muster. Very few animals on our planet have had the opportunity to explore the cosmos and of those that did, we engineered the experience for them. Not only are we creating space adventures for ourselves, we’re willing to do the same for our animal friends (it’s worth noting that not all of these animal friends made it back to Earth, but having your legend etched into the stone that is your species’ history is an honor few have).

Bite Sized Cheese?Yes Please!

For those of you that have not had the pleasure of sampling the prepackaged dairy treat known as Babybel Cheese, let me introduce you formally. While these delicious morsels have contributed to the expansion of my waistline, that is due to a lack of willpower and should not reflect poorly upon the snack itself. That being said, they are so easy to eat due to their great taste, size and convenient outer wax coating that the Bel Group should be held liable! Just kidding (or am I?). Perfect for a picnic or as a member of a cheese ensemble, Babybel cheese is proof that good can exists in a tiny net bag.

I don't have a huge family, but that means there's more for me.

I don’t have a huge family, but that means there’s more for me.

Tiny Humans Are Growing Around The World

While I’m not exactly at a place where I want the responsibility of my own tiny human, there’s a lot to be said for the miracle that is life. I suppose this could be applied to all forms of life, even insects but I’d like to focus on people babies. The idea that something as complex as a human starts out from nothing but an assortment of cells and a passionate evening boggles my mind. I still can’t believe I used to be one, though my mom continues to assure me I was. Just think about it, someone that used to be a baby is writing about a baby many years after they stopped being one. That just goes to show how influential babies can be.

Shoutout Conclusion: These Facebook Pages Exists

Tthe Facebook page 3 Positive or Good Things That Happened Today is encouraging people to think positively.

The Happy Page only has one mission, and that’s to make the world a happier place. Sounds good to me!

That’s all for this episode, check back soon as this series should help brighten your day and is easy to produce when my brain is in a million places at once!

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