Free Thought Friday: The Orchestration of The Dog vs. Cat Conflict


This cat wants a partner for Rummikub.

I’m going to make a very bold statement in this short piece, an opinion that many may take issue with while even more will be stricken with horror at the mere suggestion. I don’t believe cats and dogs ever had a real bias against one another. In fact, I believe that what’s at best a rivalry and at worse a race war, was in fact created in a government lab during the early 20th century.

I refuse to do any research as that demonstrates doubt in my own theory, something I do not have. For every piece of evidence there is supposedly countering my theory,however there are at least a million that support it, namely the Animals Being Bros section on Reddit. While perusing the subbreddit, I discovered not only friendly relationships between dogs and cats but also between animals we commonly view as pets and wild animals from around the globe. Subsequent viewings of Surprising Animal Friends makes it clear that the what we’ve come to believe about certain animal relationships is based on dodgy science and hearsay.

So why is it that this myth is perpetuated? Is it the case that our minds have closed, only accepting evidence from the “olden days” or have we purposely kept these two species at odds as a means of preventing them from challenging humanity’s claim to the control of Earth? If that’s the case, we should probably be more concerned about the relationships between great apes and dogs or hippos and tortoises (that is, concern that our warm hearts will make it difficult to refuse their requests for world domination).

Perhaps the issue isn’t merely the illusion of conflict between cats and dogs, but humanity’s pursuit of ill will where it may or may not be. For many, the world has become a much safer and easier place to exist, therefore a bit more boring. Instead of learning a new skill or building replicas of national monuments with Popsicle sticks and bubble gum, we’ve taken to the airwaves and social media, looking for a fight and gosh darn it, we’re very good at finding them.

However, it’s one thing to make conflict for one’s self, it’s another to incite it between our closest animal allies. Perhaps we can learn a thing or two, come across the aisle and accept the fact that both people and animals from different walks of life are stronger in a Lord of the Rings like fellowship as opposed to a Warriors like multi-gang free for all.

This has been my free thought that happened to occur on Friday. Thank you.

Free Thought Friday is a series without any sort of theme or restraint, a release of good/bad ideas and means or perhaps even an imaginary dialogue with people that may or may not exist.

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