Episode 3: Turtleneck Boobs or Fall Back on The Button Up

New episode of Learning With Strangers !!!

Learning From Strangers


Two weeks in a row? Did a real life producer take over  ‘Learning From Strangers” duties? Nope, we’re just riding the wave that is the new year. We’re also high on life, like dangerously high.

Dressing for success is very important in today’s fast paced social environment as few people have the time to actually “get to know a person”. Utilizing their wealth of knowledge on the topic, Holly and Ethan break down appropriate dress for a variety of dating related situations while also discussing Louisiana’s ability to deal with inclement winter weather, surf fashion and Holly’s distaste for the fashion of time travelers.

Download (Right Click Save As)

Runtime 49.08 (44.9 MB)

Cast: Holly Phillips and Ethan Moses

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